Opening Of Computer Lab

The advancement of computers and communication technology continues to have a profound impact on our lives and the modern workplace needs technically competent to provide appropriate computing solutions for users.
In light of this Sastri College officially opened its refurbished IT Laboratory on Monday, 06 May 2019. Equipped with 26 refurbished desktops, the laboratory will focus on providing a broad-based foundation in IT and on helping learners belonging to the Computer Club develop skills and knowledge in technical areas with practical value in the workplace. It is envisaged that our Computer Laboratory will equip learners with the critical knowledge and capacity to take on the world with confidence.
The official opening was attended by the RCL representatives, members of the Computer Club, Management and GB representatives. The Guests of Honour at the function included Ashnee and Ravi Chaddy (TVCR Electronics) and Osman of Rifiliwe Technologies who not only contributed to the financial cost of the refurbishment but were also directly involved in the upgrading of the existing computers.
The new CHADDY LAB, appropriately named after its’ sponsors will now make the dream of introducing IT as a subject in the FET phase a reality.

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