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Sastri College is co-educational state secondary school with learners from grade 8 to grade 12. The founding of Sastri College was the vision of V.S Srinivasa Sastri with the official opening of the school taking place on Monday, 14th October 1929 by the Earl of Athlone, Governor General of South Africa.

The school is located on the periphery of the central business district of the City of Durban. It is a school rich in tradition and respected for its high academic achievement. These have been handed down to us through the dedication and vision of our predecessors which continues to inspire us today.

S. Rajcoomar

We are a progressive school, encouraging the holistic development of all our learners with high expectations of good discipline and a continuous striving for improvement in academic excellence from every learner. We have a superb, dedicated, enthusiastic teaching team where the focus is on the development of each learner to reach their full potential. The school offers a variety of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities and all learners are encouraged to participate. We are committed to strengthening leadership amongst our learners by giving them a voice in the daily life of the school. The high standards evident throughout the school are the result of the professionalism of our staff coupled with the commitment and energy of our Learners, Parents, School Governing Body and very active Alumni association.
I am delighted to welcome you to the Sastri College website. This website presents an invitation for everyone to experience a ‘snap shot’ of the vibrancy of our school life. Our vision is to work in partnership with everyone including our learners, parents, other schools and the community at large, to create a positive and inclusive environment for high quality learning and teaching where everyone is valued and respected.

Sastri About Us

The pursuit of academic, cultural and sporting excellence within a non-discriminatory, non sexist, and non-racial environment.

Our Mission

To stimulate academic, cultural and sporting interest and enthusiasm in learners in a conducive and disciplined environment where the teaching and learning is interactive, explorative and informative.

To encourage learners to participate in a variety of sporting activities at social, inter-class, school, zonal, provincial and national level.

To promote cultural diversity amongst learners with the intention of creating of cultural harmony, cultural understanding and cultural tolerance in a cross-cultural society. Sastsang, Namaaz and Christian assembly are weekly features of the school’s programmes.

To enshrine discipline, etiquette, respect for authority, respect for peers and respect for school property in a productive learning environment.

To develop learners entrepreneurship skills by encouraging fundraising and entrepreneurship days.

Change in Status & Re-Emergence

Despite strenuous objections from the community, Sastri College was closed as a secondary school in 1982 under the Apartheid policies of the Nationalist Government and became part of ML Sultan Technical College, offering courses in cookery, motor mechanics, carpentry, hair styling etc.

Amid momentous political changes in the 1990’s, the College re-opened in 1993 as a secondary school, admitting learners of all races and becoming a co-educational institution for the first time.

Changing Your Lives, Changing Your Futures

The two main themes of Sastri College is academic excellence and learner discipline, who in-turn will maintain the ethos of contributing to Society. In order to achieve this, the pass rate in all areas has been elevated to 50%. This is to ensure that learners achieve a Bachelors pass in grade 12, which will guarantee them a seat in University. In an effort to ensure academic success and all-round development of its learners, the School engages in numerous co-curricular activities like internal speech competitions, debates, Olympiads, spellathons and entrepreneurship programmes.

There are numerous clubs that support the pursuit of academic excellence like the Chess Club, Writing Club, Maths Club and Environmental Club.

In order to meet the needs of the country, Sastri College has decided to introduce an additional subject viz; Physical science, from 2017 onwards. This change will ensure that our learners are developed academically to meet the challenges of providing an adequate workforce both Nationally and Internationally. Sastri College has now become an Institution that will focus primarily on the following fields, Engineering, Medicine and Accounting.
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Part of Our History

Vision of Strinivasa Sastri – Agent General of Government of India
Indian Community contributed 18 000 pounds
Mr Lakhi- contributed funds for the library.
City Council – 2 acres of land
Opened in 1929 by the Earl of Athlone, Governor General of South Africa
Dr A D Lazarus : distinguished educationalist, appointed first Indian Principal, 1951

Our Head Staff Members

S. Rajcoomar


I. Ramklown

Acting Deputy Principal

S. Manickum

Deputy Principal

Sports And Culture

Sastri College hosts its annual sports meeting at the Kings Park Athletics stadium and we host our swimming gala at the Kings Park Swimming pool. In the first term we host our inter-class cricket tournament, followed by a netball tournament in term two and a soccer and volleyball tournament in term three. Learners are encouraged to carry their own chess sets to school to play during breaks.

Cultural Experience
Every Friday the school co-ordinates religious services to accommodate the three main religious sects, namely Christian, Muslim and Hindu. Satsang, Namaaz and Christian assembly is an important aspect that caters for the spiritual needs of our learners. Sastri College host many plays and shows as part of its social awareness programmes. Rabindranath Tagore was honoured with a production of his play “The Post Office” in 2013, also in 2013 the school hosted a dramatic production of “A Requiem of Mandela”. This was a tribute by Sastri College for the 50th anniversary of the Rivonia trial, featuring Madiba’s address to Court.

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