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We have a happy, positive school culture exists to engage and support our children in their learning. Sastri College aims to provide an education of the highest quality. Visitors comment on the positive atmosphere which pervades the school.

Our Vision

The pursuit of academic, cultural and sporting excellence within a non-discriminatory, non sexist, and non-racial environment.

Our Mission

To stimulate academic, cultural and sporting interest and enthusiasm in learners in a conductive and disciplined manner

Our Goal

To encourage learners to participate in a variety of sporting activities at social, inter-class, school, zonal, provincial and national level.

About Sastri College

Qualities such as loyalty, courtesy, consideration, tolerance, sportsmanship and respect contribute towards the unique tone and spirit of the school.
Whilst a sense of achievements is fostered in team efforts that bring honor to the school as a whole, learners are also encouraged to think and work independently, and to develop the initiative and skills necessary to enable them to cope with the challenges of the future.

S. Rajcoomar | Principal 

The pursuit of academic, cultural and sporting excellence.

School Newsletters

Newsletters can include updates on school events, school news, important dates for upcoming meetings, and relevant curriculum information.

Recent Events

We kept students and staff members busy with exciting activities. From sports matches to art contests, the past few Years have been action-packed.

Past Papers

By reviewing previous exams, students can become familiar with the types of questions that are likely to appear and gain a better idea of what is expected.


Sport events are an exciting way to connect with others who share a passion for sports. They provide a platform for athletes to showcase their skills and compete.

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A school calendar is an essential tool that provides an overview of all the events and activities taking place throughout the academic year.

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Recent Newsletters & Events

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History Of
Sastri College

Sastri College was named after its founder, the right Honorable Srinivasa Sastri. Sastri came to South Africa in 1926 as part of a delegation to hold talks with the South African Government on the issue of repatriation of Indians. As agent, he was convinced that education held the key to the upliftment of the Indian Community. Sastri subsequently drew up plans for an institution that would serve both as a High School (offering instruction up to Matric) and as a teacher training College.

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Principals Message

Sastri College is co-educational state secondary school with learners from grade 8 to grade 12. The founding of Sastri College was the vision of V.S Srinivasa Sastri with the official opening of the school taking place on Monday, 14th October 1929 by the Earl of Athlone, Governor General of South Africa.
The school is located on the periphery of the central business district of the City of Durban.  It is a school rich in tradition and respected for its high academic achievement. These have been handed down to us through the dedication and vision of our predecessors which continues to inspire us today.

Our Head Staff Members

S. Rajcoomar


I. Ramklown

Acting Deputy Principal

S. Manickum

Deputy Principal

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