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As the worldwide trend of transforming education gains momentum, Sastri College is gearing up to meet up with the skill set required for the emerging technologies and the new era.  The school has therefore embarked on a mission to explore the following areas to extend our academic programme:
a. Student exchange programme
b. Recruitment of educators with special skills in Mathematics and Physical sciences
c. Sponsorship of new technologies to enhance teaching and learning
The school has since early February engaged with BET Software in order to build and sustain partnerships to strengthen the bonds between the institutions whilst at the same time providing skills and life-long learning opportunities for our learners.  
On request from BET the school forwarded to the Marketing and Events Coordinators of Betting Entertainment Technologies a proposal outlining the IT needs of the school. As part of their Social Responsibility Programme, BET conducted a site visit on Wednesday, 10th February 2021 during which a presentation was done by upper management and the IT Dept regarding the state of the current computers and the needs of the department.  The company requested a second proposal to be submitted to them outlining the plans for the desktop computers in upskilling the school.  This was submitted on Wednesday, 17th February 2023.
On Tuesday, 02 March 2023 BET informed the school that our donation request has been successful and that their Marketing Team will be visiting our school.
On behalf of the school’s Governing Body, Management, Educators and learners we wish to place on record our sincere appreciation to the BET Marketing and Events Coordinators and their PR, Media and Communications Teams.  Your interest in our institution and your support will certainly help to further our mission through the introduction of new technologies in teaching and learning.

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